We're all about loving our community,
both inside and beyond the church walls,
with our time, talents, and service.



As much as we enjoy Sunday services, we also love the intimacy of smaller settings. That’s why we make it a point to meet in small groups every week to unwind, share our victories and failures, and support one another.

Many of us have come to appreciate the value of community in this way and have grown in relationship with each other and with God. We’d love for you to experience that, too!

You’ll find that our weekly meetups are part social gathering, part Bible study, and part prayer meeting—with food, friendship, and fun thrown in! Just ask any of our group leaders; we doubt they’ll disagree.


10:00 am – 11:30 am47 Milton St (Fellowship Bible Church)
Ginny LuisiE-mail



6:30 pm – 8:30 pmCanton
Lea CorzineE-mail


‘Jesus loves the little children.’ So do we.

Kids are not an afterthought at Fellowship. We see them as an integral part of our community. And so we do what we can to show them the love of God and support them in the earliest stages of their life journey.

Our children’s ministry serves kids of all ages, right from babies to 5th graders, providing them opportunities to increase in their love for Jesus, to expand their knowledge of the Scriptures, to mature both in their faith and in their life, and to learn to serve people wherever they are.


Our nursery is a boon for parents with babies and toddlers up to 2 years. A team of loving volunteers will play with and care for your child, leaving you free to fully engage with the sermon. Just bring your child to the nursery after the musical worship ends, and we’ll take care of the rest!

After musical worship (Sunday)47 Milton St (Fellowship Bible Church)
Amanda BowldsE-mail

DiscipleLand Class

Storytelling, puppets, games, and music are what’s in store for kids in our DiscipleLand class (age 3 to grade 1), which meets every Sunday after the musical worship. Through these fun activities, your kids will learn that they are loved by God and valued by His church.

After musical worship (Sunday)47 Milton St (Fellowship Bible Church)
Amanda ParkerE-mail

Catechism Class

The kids in our upper elementary class (grades 2 to 5) learn the deeper truths of God through the New City Catechism app; they also learn to pray for and with one another. This class meets on the second and third Sundays of each month after the musical worship. On the remaining Sundays, they remain in the adult worship service to listen to the sermon.

After musical worship
(second & third Sunday)
47 Milton St (Fellowship Bible Church)
Amanda BowldsE-mail

Treasure Tour

Every Friday night, the enthusiastic Treasure Tour group (age 4 to grade 5) come out in full force to sing high-energy songs, play games, and do a treasure hunt! In the process, they learn about God and how to build their lives on the solid foundation of His truth.

6:30 pm – 8:30 pm (Friday)47 Milton St (Fellowship Bible Church)
Allison MeschwitzE-mail


The teenage years can be a challenging time. We’ve all been there. That’s why we want to make this period as smooth as possible for our youth, as they follow Jesus and grow in their knowledge of Him.

We try to do that by creating a welcoming space for teens of all ages to come together and just be themselves. Apart from regular meetings, they get to participate in special events, such as hiking, bowling, game/movie nights, fishing/camping, beach trips, concerts, and more!   

Youth group

Our Wednesday-night meetings for middle and high school students (grades 6 to 12) provide them a break from their usual routines and a chance to refresh themselves with God’s Word. But there’s much more to these meetings than Bible study.

Friendship and fun are also very important, so a whole lot of relational activities are woven in, such as board games, icebreakers, and card games. Through this mix of activities, our teens learn how to engage with God as well as with each other in a way that they can relate to.

7:00 pm – 8:30 pm (Wednesday)15 Myrtle Street (Education Building)
Amanda and Josh


Prayer is a big part of all that we do. In fact, we intentionally take time to learn about prayer and put it into practice together during our monthly prayer meeting. We usually meet in the evening on the third Sunday of the month.

Come with your prayer needs, and be ready to pray for others in our church and the larger community as well as for our nation.

We also host an annual fall prayer conference where we invite speakers from outside to come and minister to us. These conferences are open to all, so you are most welcome to attend.

6:30 pm – 8:00 pm
(third Sunday)
47 Milton St (Fellowship Bible Church)


Loving the community we live in is best expressed through serving beyond the church walls. At Fellowship, there are numerous ways by which you can serve the needs of those around us.

Check out our outreach ministries, see what aligns with your passion, and help us spread the love of Jesus to the town of Dedham and beyond. 

Eliot-Starr House

Do you want to sow into the lives of children entering the foster care system? Our donation drive for the kids at the Eliot-Starr transitional home in Dedham is the perfect opportunity to do so. You can help by donating clothing, toys, and supplies for the kids. 

Please drop off your donations at the church during Sunday service or a scheduled event. You can also contact the church office to schedule a time during office hours (Monday to Thursday10 am – 6 pm) to drop off your donation.

Dedham Food Pantry

For the poor and the homeless on the streets of Dedham, even a single meal matters a lot. You can be the one providing that meal and making a difference in their lives! All you need to do is help us support the Dedham Food Pantry by donating non-perishable foods.

We collect donations on an ongoing basis, so you can drop them off at the church during any regularly scheduled service or event. Alternatively, you can contact the church office to arrange a time during office hours (Monday to Thursday10 am – 6 pm). 

Sonshine Ministry

Do you have a heart to reach out to those in rehabilitative care? Well, you can channel your love towards the residents of Vero Health and Rehabilitation in West Roxbury. Join us as we share the love of Jesus through music and a short teaching on our monthly visits (generally on the last Saturday morning) to this nursing home.

10:00 am (last Saturday)Vero Health & Rehabilitation, West Roxbury
Astra StrautinE-mail

Shattuck Shelter Christmas Dinner

There’s nothing like a hearty holiday dinner and cheerful banter to lift your spirits. Join us in sharing the joy and love of Christmas with the fine gentlemen at the Shattuck Shelter in Jamaica Plain. This annual event, which usually takes place on the second Saturday of December, has touched many lives over the years by providing a delicious holiday meal, warm conversation, and some simple gifts for many who otherwise would be alone and empty.

4:00 pm – 6:30 pm (second Saturday of December)Shattuck Shelter, Jamaica Plain
Adrienne AlbaniE-mail

Trunk or Treat

This annual event provides many opportunities both for kids and adults. 

For the kids, it’s a safe, fun place to come and participate in lots of Halloween-themed activities, from face-painting to crafting to bouncy houses to balloon animals, and, of course, lots of candy!

For adults and older kids, it’s a great way to get in on some Halloween fun and serve the community at the same time. Register your vehicle, decorate it with a fun theme and hand out candy to all the kids, or contact us to find out what other opportunities there are to volunteer.

We hope you’ll save the date and come with your family for a fun afternoon of games, crafts, face painting, and lots of candy! We also have a great raffle and food for sale, with all the proceeds going to the Eliot-Starr House.

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm (Saturday before Halloween)Parking lot at 26 Bryant Street (Town Hall)