Paul & Michelle

Paul & Michelle

"We found community, love, and support here."

After we got married and moved to Dedham, we began attending a church 30 minutes away from where we lived. However, over time, we developed a strong sense that we should look for a good Bible-based church closer to our home. Within a short time, one of Michelle’s childhood friends told us about Fellowship Bible Church, and we started attending – a mere 24 years ago!

We found community, love, and support here. We also connected with many families of a similar demographic who were having similar life experiences. This helped to contribute to our spiritual growth as Christians in our local community.

We’re so encouraged by the joy of meeting with God’s people, expressing ourselves through music and songs, praying for one another, and seeing the goodness of God in each other’s lives. Without a doubt, the high point of a service at Fellowship is hearing a message from God’s word that has a strong relevance to our daily lives and equips us for the week ahead.

Fellowship has been a blessing to our family over the past 24 years, and we’re looking forward to the next several decades as we continue worshiping with this lovely community.


Hey, if you live in the Dedham area, let's grab a coffee sometime!
Drop us a message and we will get back to you.


Rob & Sorange

"We’re blessed to have a loving spiritual family."

josh & amanda

"We felt called to
this welcoming community."

"We felt called to this welcoming community."


“I appreciate being able to be real
and raw.”

“I appreciate being able to be real and raw.”

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