Visiting a new place can be intimidating.
That's why we'd love to put you at ease
with a glimpse of a regular Sunday.

Visiting a new place can be intimidating. That's why we'd love to put you at ease with a glimpse of a regular Sunday.


As a church, we gather once a week to worship, and we’d love to have you join us! Our service starts at 10 am every Sunday and normally runs until around 11:45 am. 

Sometimes we have special meetings or events after the service, and once a month we gather for a meal afterwards. You’re always welcome to join us at any part of our Sunday gathering!


We are located at 47 Milton St, Dedham, MA 02026.

If you wish to mail us something or visit our church office, you can reach us right next door at 15 Myrtle St, Dedham, MA 02026.


Ample parking space is available on both Milton and Myrtle Streets. We also have a small parking lot behind the church where spaces are available for the disabled. 

Alternatively, if you need help figuring out transportation, please contact the church office (781-326-3033), and we will be glad to assist you.


At Fellowship, we don’t have a dress code. While some prefer to put on their Sunday best, others stay casual. We believe that it’s more important to address what’s inside than just dress the outside.  

All that is to say, come as you are, because that’s the way God loves you and wants to spend time with you!


On any given Sunday, we generally begin the service with a few songs interwoven with Scripture or other readings, prayer, and communion (once a month). 

This is followed by a quick catch-up on events happening in and around the church. After this, the children are sent off to their classes and the sermon begins. We end the service with a song and prayer. 


We have a vibrant kids’ ministry that caters to children of all ages, from babies to 5th graders. Our desire is to see them become passionate followers and worshipers of Jesus Christ.

While we seek to teach them “on their level”, we also want them to see worship modeled in the adult service. Therefore, all the kids participate in the musical part of the service and then head off to their respective classes when the sermon begins 

Click here for more information about our children’s ministry.


Before and after the service, we provide coffee, hot chocolate, and tea downstairs in our Fellowship Hall. You’re invited to make yourself a cup and connect with others as you wait for the service to start or once the service is over. 

Once a month (usually the first Sunday), we enjoy a meal together after the service. If you happen to visit on one of those days, we’d be delighted if you’d stay and eat with us so that we can get acquainted.

If you'd like to visit us, click the below button and let us know when you plan to do so.
We'd love to meet you in person!